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Bulman Products, Inc. is a manufacturer of paper cutters, dispensers and racks used for holding, dispensing and cutting different paper types such as art paper, Kraft paper, wrapping paper, plastic, bubble wrap, foam, corrugated, cork, foil, cling wrap and other materials used in many markets, including school/art supply, industrial packaging, retail packaging, and food packaging.

Bulman Products, Inc. is over one hundred years old and we remain dedicated to our traditions of quality, customer service and community involvement. Now under new ownership, we are expanding upon these rich traditions to build an infrastructure capable of handling our planned global expansion.

Working with the MEDC, MiSBTDC, and Van Andel Global Trade Center to obtain market research and develop an export plan is enabling us to expand our global market. While we are excited to build upon this new initiative we also pride ourselves in providing excellent service to our current distributors and end users. Seeking new distributors on the domestic market continues to be a focus and we will continue to evaluate and follow up on each opportunity.

Most importantly, we value our team members, both the Bulman Products employees and our Hope Network staff. We strive to be the best and provide the best to our staff, our customers and our community every day.

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