List of products by brand PhysiciansCare®

PhysiciansCare branded products include an extensive selection of eye care and over the counter medications for use in school, home, office, construction or industrial settings.

The PhysiciansCare family of eye wash stations allows facility managers a readily available means to comply with OSHA regulation 29 CFR 1910.151. The PhysiciansCare easy wash station is not meant to replace the primary 15 minute eyewash equipment needed to comply with ANSI Z358.1-2015. Instead, these secondary eyewash stations provide easy access for a quick response to eye accidents. OSHA requires eye flush be available within a 10 second walk from chemicals and other injurious materials, along with work situations that have airborne particles such as allergens, dust, sawdust or smoke. The smaller size of these stations makes them ideal for placement closer to hazardous areas for immediate response. The removable bottles are also perfect for portable use when transporting an injured worker to a facility for further medical care.

PhysiciansCare over the counter medications include relief for the most common aches and pains including headaches, fever, nausea, cold/flu symptoms as well as motion sickness, dehydration and other debilitating ailments.

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