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ERGOS is an eco-friendly furniture brand! Our chairs are made of 70% recycled materials and they are 100% recyclable, produced in a safe and non-toxic material. In fact, our one-piece polypropylene chairs are more environmentally friendly than the regular wood or metal chairs. Our chairs do not use any varnishes, glues or paints, and our dyes are the same as used by the food industry. The use of varnishes and glues may present some health risks and require a great amount of effort to dispose it in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

We produce a chair every two minutes, this means that the level of energy required to produce a chair is very low, and our factory runs on sustainable energy. Our factory produces more energy than necessary to operate, using solar panels. We monitor daily the level of energy produced and the level of energy required, so that we have the lowest possible impact on environment. For that we use a closed water circuit to cool down the machines. It´s always the same water, that passes through all the machines circuit.

Even though our chairs are made of polypropylene they are for long term use, they are totally recyclable and can be produced out of plastic domestic waste - we will have it available in a short term. Since they´re made of polypropylene there is no need to cut down trees, harming the environment. One of the most effective ways of reducing the carbon levels on the atmosphere and sustain the rise of global temperature levels is through the existing trees and planting new ones. So, we contribute to it, keeping trees in the forests, and even if we use wood in other furniture, most of it is already recycled (agglomerated wood, plywood, mdf…), comes from sustainable forests, and we make sure that the ratio of planting trees and cutting is met. The corrugated cartons we use are also produced combining recycled paper and paper made from trees with origin in sustainable forests, and in which all the environmental requirements are met. Our corrugated carton suppliers are either European or American.

We make a very important effort to decrease our carbon footprint, it’s important for our children and for a healthier future for all of us. Being competitive, having good target prices is completely compatible with environmental protection.


  • Certified by FIRA INTERNATIONAL Lab (world leader in furniture testing)
  • Comply with EN 1729, parts 1 and 2 (European standards for dimensions, resistance and stability
  • 15 years warranty: Durable: Superior resistance to impacts, scratches, and wear.
  • Made of 70% recycled material and 100% recyclable. Produced in safe and non-toxic material, at the end of its life the chair is shredded and gives way to a new chair. (Circular Economy)
  • UV-resistant. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use. (does not age with sunlight)
  • Lightweight: Weight allows mobility and easy storage.
  • Washable: Non-recessed design, simple and quick cleaning.
  • Made with non-toxic materials
  • Antibacterial (optional): Reduces bacteria up to 99.9%
  • Fully made of double-walled polypropylene by gas injection(additional strength), one piece.
  • Stackable: Easy to store and carry
  • Chairs with superior lumbar support that reduces fatigue caused by long time sitting
  • Chairs with smooth edges; Seat’s rounded edges designed for a proper knee flexion angle, helping blood circulation.
  • Anti-Rocking chairs - Back legs angle offers greater stability
  • Wide seat chairs, maximizing comfort and attention
  • Very fast delivery (always in stock)

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