List of products by brand Bintiva

The pediatric professionals that designed the Bintiva children’s line, understand that every child has unique needs and preferences. Utilizing our extensive experience with children we built a line of inclusive, developmental products. Our seating options include typical classroom tables and chairs that can be adjusted to properly fit each child. We also have many flexible seating options that can accommodate children that like to move while learning. Our innovative sensory, balance, and strengthening equipment are both fun, and beneficial for child development. We are continuously developing new products to meet each child’s needs, and empower them to maximize their unique strengths.

Our fitness line was founded with the goal of providing high quality, yet affordable, home fitness and therapeutic equipment for both children and adults. The adult line boasts some of the most durable, innovative products that research has proven beneficial for health and wellness. Our products tend to focus on ergonomics, strengthening, and rehabilitation.